Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sad news, my Mom, Phyllis Hawes, has passed away tonight, she was 81

Phyllis Rosalind Welch, Schenk (Jim), Taylor (John), Hawes (George) circa 1968

Via Lorrain Schenk, 
Reno - Phyllis gracefully made her transition home Jan 23, 2018. Born 'Phyllis Rosalind Welch' April 30, 1936, in Los Angeles, CA. She would be 82 this year. Her heart/home were always in Nevada starting in her early years. She moved to Nevada with her younger brother James W. Welch and mother Kay, Kathryn E. Baldwin - Welch, McKay, Hunter (who was Nevadan born in Reno's downtown Senator Hotel, built in 1908 by Phyllis' grandfather, Isadore Hoeffel, while working with the Freidhoff construction company).

In the 1940's/50's all 3 moved to central nevada with Phyllis' grandmother, Nellie Hoeffel LaFever, owner of Dixie Valley's 'late' 'Frenchman's' roadside stop on Highway 50 during Nevada's early years. The now ghost town Ione/ Broken hills' one room school house skipped Phyllis past the 3rd grade, she also attended 'Fallon's Churchill County School', Oats Park Art Center, (built 1914 by her grandfather), before moving to Eureka, NV. In Eureka, Phyllis brother, jimmy & cousin, 'John F. Schweble' enjoyed ranch life at mom's Kay/John Hunter's Ranch being a rodeo queen during high school. Graduating 1953 from Eureka High School as 'Phyllis Welch McKay', her love of education and children brought her to the University of Nevada-Reno as a Pi Phi sorority sister. 1 Year at San Jose State but graduating from UNR, 1957 in Education/ Business minor. 1958, Marrried 'Phyllis Schenk' went to Peru with daughter, 'Lorraine Taylor Schenk.' In 1960, she returned to the USA teaching Kindergarten in the San Bernadino area. Moving home to Nevada to use her special teaching skills, as 'Phyllis Taylor', she taught in the Reno-Sparks area. The historical Mt Rose School, Lemon Valley Elementary and In 1968 at Eureka NV, Elementary with her sons, 'Les F. Taylor/Tom E. Taylor', being in the classroom. In 1970 as 'Phyllis Taylor Hawes', she returned to UNR with a full Master's in Education scholarship receiving 2 Master's Degrees in Special Education and as a Reading Specialist. It was Reno's Hug High, Wooster High and Marion Osgood's private school 'Brookfield' students who were the recipients of her incredible teaching skills.

In the 80's Phyllis took her people skills and smarts to becoming a Realtor/Broker for Clay Alder's Premier Properties and served time on the State of Nevada Insurance Board.

Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday. It was a yearly 4 day feast she planned starting in September. Her Mom Kay and grand Aunt Norma M. Kennedy, uncle Marcus Golubin and when possible the Schwebles and close friends were always part of the ritual with incredible food and decorative traditional table settings of crystal, china and silver.

She had a love for TRUTH. Studying spirituality, history, research, writing, Nevada wild flowers/plants/birds. She spent 20 years doing genealogy research & astrology charts BEFORE the computer age-mind you! Her study of metaphysics/Ernest Holmes began in 1970-Being a long time member of CSL-The Center for Spiritual Living-4685 Lakeside, Reno. It filled her heart and soul deeply. Dec 1995 with her stroke she began a new journey, thus living her metaphysical truth of being whole, perfect and complete. She displayed this being a miracle over & over & over again healing beyond words in those 22 years with her positive, strong, adventurous, courageous spirit. Her eyes deep and sparkling with universal truth. Her new life included being part of The 'Healing Group' doing individual/world healing work & studying sacred geometry. CSL Lakeside was her Sunday routine the last 3 years. She never let her disability get in the way of sharing love and light to those around her. 'Come Celebrate Her Life Saturday May 5, 2018, 1pm at CSL-The Center for Spiritual Living-4685 Lakeside, Reno.'
Published in Reno Gazette-Journal on Mar. 11, 2018

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Our sad news, Jean (Jeannie Jeannie) Haberman has pass away and we are devastated.

My wife and daughters are devastated!  My wife's mother has passed away from a battle with cancer.  One of the most caring, loving people I know has