Sunday, February 15, 2009

a strange trip

I was in San Francisco or better yet San Bruno California this last week for training. I rented a car big enough to seat five to use over the week. I thought I would rent it here and drive it down to the Bay Area. I thought I should get a SUV but the had none available so I opted for the Chrysler 300. The trip over was fast and good. The weather was cold and wet in all week and that's where the problem started. I dreaded the drive back as I knew that the trip back would be icy. On Thursday I started looking at the road control for the Sierra Nevada passes on I-80. I checked the road controls and saw a window on Thursday that I should have left but that would have made me miss two days of class. Not an option as I need this training. I opted to stay at least until Friday. Friday morning I kept my looking at the road controls and thought about dumping the car at SFO and riding home with one of my class mates. I called and they stated that if I dumped the car and ended my contract without returning the car to where I picked it up I would be charged the full rate plus $65 a day for the one way trip. I even tried to get a plane ride home at the tune of $880 for one way that night. No way! After lunch Friday I decided to go. Class was good and I learned a ton.

The Trip Home...

I decided to try and drive it. I made it all they way into the Sierra's, up to the Alta exit and then I was denied access and forced to turn around. I got a room at the Holiday Inn in Auburn and had a beer. At midnight I got a call that my daughter was in a car wreck. She was bumped up and scared but ok. Back to sleep in an hour or so. Saturday morning I looked at the road conditions again and the conditions were not good. I waited another hour and it was the same. I thought and thought about the alternatives and thought I could stay and wait for an opening for $250 a day that the room and the car was costing me. Another option was to dump the car and riding the Greyhound bus over the hill.

I did just that. Time was short. I drove to Roseville and dumped the car. The rental attendant gave me a ride to what he thought was the bus depot and then return back to the car rental depot when he didn't know the way. I called a Taxi and the guy said 10 minutes. 20 minutes later and 3 phone calls a lady cab driver arrived. She had tattoos all over but all she had to do was drive and fast. We pulled into the bus station and the driver was closing the side doors and told me I was supposed to be early but he let me on. The fair was $26 from Roseville to Reno. Actually a bargain. It was 10am when the journey started. Only one seat was left and I took it. We stopped at Colfax to put the snow chains on.

Trip Observations:

  • I sat next to a guy with brain damage. He was going to Sacramento to renew his marijuana card and he was bringing back his stash. I learned of the car crash that ruined his life, several times (90 mph into a tree while on crank).
  • There was a girl in front of me, young and pretty with red hair. Every five minutes she texted. She was going to meet her boyfriend. She had lots of food and nice clothes.
  • A lady next to the red head was on the bus for the first time as her husband didn't want her to drive in the snow. She complained about the toilet and talked on and on about her grand kids.
  • It was a woman's birthday celebration at the Circus Circus.
  • A tall older black man kept coming back to the toilet every 15 minutes with a big smile.
  • A woman was standing up almost the whole ride. She stated to all that she had a cramp.
  • A young guy with long dread locks smiled.
  • The couple next to me kept filling these plastic Champagne glasses with Patron tequila.
  • The couple behind me was going to get a license to get married.
  • A blond french girl went to the toilet and came out immediately.
A six hour trip later and I know a whole lot more about people that I did at the beginning.