Friday, October 22, 2010

$12 for a movie, un-believable

I went to the movies, even the matinee, and the movie that I went to see was only available in the new XD Extreme Digital Cinema for $12 a ticket. The screen is 70' x 40' and all new leather stadium chairs.  I believe that the seating is lined with sub woofers and there are speakers everywhere in the ceiling, side and rear.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

got the zoom

I needed to get a new front crown so the dentist suggested that this would be the perfect time to brighten the old chompers. They have the Zoom system. I did some reading and the Internet said lots of things good and bad with pricing from $125 to $700. Hmmm.

So I volunteered. I brushed with a special sensitive tooth for 2 weeks. On the morning of the Zoom (today), the technician put this big plastic round thing in my mouth exposing my teeth. She then packed my gums with a lot of cotton. My gums were then painted with a barrier and my teeth painted with the whitening agent. The blue light helps the agent work harder. This was done 4 times. So far the teeth are whiter. The immediate after effects are whiter teeth and pain tinges every 3-5 minutes for... I'll let you know .  I have to wait 7 days to have red wine, mustard, ketchup, ... any food that stains.

UPDATE: The pain tinges were gone the next morning.  Sweet.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The managers of my groups invites the staff to a wine taste t Vino100, AWESOME!

Vino 100 after the cooking school team event

Vino 100 is a great place to hang and drink some wine. I got Yovav to have a taste of Pinot Noir. Mikey likes it. I tasted the Canon Ball Cabernet Sauvignon, Nob Hob Pinot Noir, Layer Cake Primativo Zinfandel, ABC Riesling. Mmmm.
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at Nothing To It cooking school

Team building with my cube mates. Very fun and we got to eat the results, pizzas. Mmmm. We went out to Vino 100 for wine tasting afterwards. Even better!

My team - Vish, Jerry, crazy me, Deb, Barbara
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Saturday, October 09, 2010

toast to James

This last Thursday the whole gang got together and toasted a beer to the memory James Reed, a good friend who passed away two years ago. Here's to James. Miss you.
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