Sunday, April 18, 2010

high prices at the movies

Krissy and I went to see "Death at a Funeral" last night and it was very entertaining but way over the top.

If you know me, I'm about costs of things. I know... boring boring boring. Let's check it out.

Tickets:Adult $9.75; x 2
Soda: large $4.50;
Popcorn: medium $5.75,

Lets contrast that with the prices when I was the day asst manager at the Granada theater in downtown Reno in the mid 80's.

Tickets: Adult $4.50, Children $3 (more than double)
Soda: Small 8oz $1, medium 16oz $1.50, large 32oz $2; (more than double)
Popcorn: Small $1.25, medium $2.25, large $3; (almost double)
that's what 24 years will do. I guess minimum wage is also double I made $3.35 as the asst manager and minimum wage is now $7.55 (more than double)

Housing according to US Census: 1980 $136,000 - 2010 $221,000 (not quite double)

My photo of the candy bar from the Granada theater in Reno Nevada in the mid 1980s I don't remember the girl's name

Granada Movie Theater

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