Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've finished Alan Wake on the Xbox 360!

This is a great game! I saw it at the Red Box and played the entire day. Mad and I immediately went out and bought it. According to Wikipedia; "The plot follows suspense-thriller writer Alan Wake in uncovering the mystery behind the disappearance of his wife while on vacation in idyllic small-town Bright Falls, and having to deal with blackouts and visions of characters and ideas from his latest novel, which he can't remember writing, coming to life." I have been playing for 3 -4 weeks now and finally I have finished it today! On my profile I broke the script and couldn't continue without starting over. Even though this happened I truly enjoyed the game. The ending of the game is not so clear so I will have to go online and see what everybody thinks. 5 stars ***** I watched the prequel to Alan Wake and even more questions arise.

Bright Falls

The Alan Wake Live Action Prequel Check out this blog site that tries to explain it all:

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