Thursday, October 21, 2010

got the zoom

I needed to get a new front crown so the dentist suggested that this would be the perfect time to brighten the old chompers. They have the Zoom system. I did some reading and the Internet said lots of things good and bad with pricing from $125 to $700. Hmmm.

So I volunteered. I brushed with a special sensitive tooth for 2 weeks. On the morning of the Zoom (today), the technician put this big plastic round thing in my mouth exposing my teeth. She then packed my gums with a lot of cotton. My gums were then painted with a barrier and my teeth painted with the whitening agent. The blue light helps the agent work harder. This was done 4 times. So far the teeth are whiter. The immediate after effects are whiter teeth and pain tinges every 3-5 minutes for... I'll let you know .  I have to wait 7 days to have red wine, mustard, ketchup, ... any food that stains.

UPDATE: The pain tinges were gone the next morning.  Sweet.
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