Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IGT gave me dugout tickets, awesome!

I got great tickets from my employer as a atta-boy for a project that I did.

 Taking the elevator down to the ground floor to get into the dugout seating.
 Right behind home base, again Fantastic.  It was 95 degrees but well worth it.  If you get a chance take an umbrella.

Here is some information about the Reno Aces Dugout Club:

I believe IGT has 4 corporate seats right behind home plate.  These are open air seats accessed by the elevator, back stairs or walking down the normal stairs on both sides. It got hot in the sun so bring sunscreen, hat and ideally an umbrella.  There is a bit of shade along the back wall so I asked for a chair and was able to sit there to cool off several times during the game.  There are private bathrooms just inside the "cool" tunnel that seem to be unknown.  As far as privileges there are not many other than free popcorn, peanuts and tootsie rolls (got really soft sitting in the sun) and a person to fetch you food and drink at normal cost.  All in all it should be a great time for anyone getting these tickets!  I would love to get these again or even pay to sit in this section.

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