Sunday, April 07, 2013

A trip to Verdi for food at the Sasquatch Tavern & Grill and a long line at the free dump day

The in-law's invited us to have dinner at Sasquatch Tavern & Grill in Verdi, NV.  When I arrived I thought this place was kind of dive but I was assured that the food was good.  They had only 4-5 tables and a long bar.  They place was almost full of people so that was a good sign.  They have a fireplace with a statue of Sasquatch on the run.  The food was fantastic!  I had the fish and chips while Krissy had the burger (1/2) as I had the other 1/2.  Both were very good.  I will need to back soon.

The next day was the area free dump day and the line was an hour and half long.  A lot of strange characters there.

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